Catriona MacLennan

Catriona MacLennan is a barrister and journalist and social activist. She has been involved with animal rights and animal welfare since the mid-1980s, when she campaigned against live sheep exports. Catriona comments on television, radio and in print on animal rights and animal welfare issues. She was a founding member of the Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network. Catriona is a founding member of the New Zealand First Strike Campaign and has been attending meetings of the working group for the past decade. She is currently the secretary. Catriona is the legal adviser to the New Zealand Companion Animal Council. In 2013, she will present a 30-minutes programme about animals on Sky Channel 83 at 7.30pm on Wednesdays, starting on 8 May 2013. The programme will discuss a wide range of different issues relating to animals, including cruelty to animals, links between abuse of animals and family violence and other forms of violence, and empathy programmes to teach children positive attitudes to animals. The series will feature a different animal each week including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, monarch butterflies and wild birds.

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