Associate Professor Tora Holmberg

Tora Holmberg is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University, Sweden. Her expertize lies in the intersection of animal studies, science and technology studies, feminist theory, cultural sociology, and urban studies. Thus, her interest in human/animal relations

Tora Holmberg has published books such as Science on the line (in Swedish 2005), Investigating human/animal relations(ed. 2009), Dilemmas with transgenic animals (in Swedish, with Malin Ideland 2010), and most recently, Urban Animals. Crowding in ZooCities (2015). Moreover, she has published on human/animal relations in a wide range of journals, eg. Space & CultureFeminist TheoryBio-Societies Society & Animals and Public Understanding of Science, on topics such as animal experimentation, feminist epistemologies, multi-species urban politics and post-humanism. She is also a co-editor of the online journal Humanimalia.

Selected Publications

  • Holmberg, Tora, Urban Animals. Crowding in ZooCities, Routledge: London (in press, to be published March 2015)
  • Holmberg, Tora (2014) Sensuous Governance: Assessing Urban Animal Hoarding, Housing, Theory & Society,
  • Poort, Lonneke, Holmberg, Tora, Ideland, Malin (2013) Bringing in the controversy: re-politicizing the de-politicized strategy of ethics committees, Life Sciences, Society and Policy, 9 (11): 1-13.
  • Birke, Lynda, Holmberg, Tora, Thompson, Kirrilly (2013) Stories of animal passports: tracing disease, movements and identities, Humanimalia 5 (1).
  • Holmberg, Tora (2013) Trans-species urban politics. Stories from a beach, Space and Culture, 16(1): 28-42.
  • Tora Holmberg, Ideland, Malin (2012) Secrets and lies: “selective openness” in the apparatus of animal experimentation, Public Understanding of Science 21 (3): 354-368.
  • Holmberg, Tora (2011) Mortal love. Care practices in animal experimentation, Feminist Theory 12 (2), 147-163: 2011.
  • Holmberg, Tora (2011) Unfamiliar biological futurities: Animals in techno-science, Humanimalia, 2 (2): 61-67. 
  • Holmberg, Tora (2010) Tail tales. How researchers handle transgenic dilemmas, New Genetics and Society, 29 (1), 37-54.
  • Holmberg, Tora, Ideland, Malin (2009) Transgenic silences. The rhetoric of comparisons and the construction of transgenic mice as ‘ordinary exclusivities’, Biosocieties, 4 (2), 165-181.
  • Holmberg, Tora (2008) A feeling for the animal. On becoming an experimentalist, Society and Animals 16 (4): 316-335.