Ally McCrow-Young (Sweden)

Ally McCrow-Young is an Aucklander living in Malmö, Sweden. She gained her MSc in Media and Communication from Lund University, and is currently pursuing PhD positions in Sweden. Her recent research looks at alternative forms political engagement, such as food activism, drawing on case studies of vegan and animal rights activists. In 2016 she co-founded the Lund University Critical Animal Studies Network, and will be teaching in the course 'Critical Animal Studies: Animals in Society, Culture and the Media' in Spring 2017.

Selected publications:

McCrow-Young, Ally (2016) Changing the world through consumption: The contradictions of political engagement in the case of Oatly. Master’s thesis, Lund University.

McCrow-Young, Ally; Linné, Tobias; and Potts, Annie K., (2015). ‘Framing Possums: War, sport and patriotism in depictions of brushtail possums in New Zealand print media’, Animal Studies Journal, 4(2), pp.29-54.