Star Arts Distance courses

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The College of Arts offers first-year courses by distance to talented secondary school students.

How do STAR Arts Distance courses work?

The courses are run in collaboration with schools. UC provides all course material online, does all marking, and assigns grades.

Each distance course is partnered with an on-campus course that shares identical course content and assessment, and runs over the same part of the year. No distinction is made between distance students and on-campus students for the purpose of marking and grading.

To acknowledge the contribution required from schools, tuition fees for these courses are discounted.

Schools are contracted to:

  • Provide students with adequate broadband internet access in cases where students don’t have sufficient access at home.
  • Provide required textbooks.
  • Provide face-to-face tutorial support to students, up to 50 minutes per week.

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STAR course options

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