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The COVID-19 situation has us all adapting to a “new normal”. Spending more time at home gives us time to reflect, but we also know that the brain gets restless and that we like a bit of intellectual and cultural stimulation – that's what this page is for! Here, we'll keep adding the latest content from UC Arts and elsewhere for your enjoyment and contemplation.  

Useful links

The links below contain resources, talks, performances and things to get you thinking about what's going on in the Arts. Please share!

UC has regular public lectures on every topic imaginable, many of which can be viewed online in our UC Connect series. Below are a selection of talks, lectures and discussions by some of the academics from UC College of Arts.

  • De-extinction may be inevitable, but we should still ask questions is a TEDx talk by UC Political Science's Amy Fletcher. It looks at the political, philosophical and ethical implications of de-extinction, and what questions we should be asking about it.

  • Leadership and action in the face of change is a Christchurch Conversation in which UC Poltical Science's Bronwyn Hayward leads a conversation with the Rt Hon. Helen Clark (former NZ prime minister and head of the United Nations Development Programme. It covers the importance of leadership and action in relation to sustainable development and climate change, with a particular focus on the role of youth. 
  • Turing: Pioneer of the Information Age is a lecture given at Stanford University by UC Philosophy's Jack Copeland. It examines the fascinating history of Alan Turing, and how many of Turing's ideas lie behind some of information technology's most fundamental theories.

  • Why democracy is still the best form of government is a TEDx talk by UC Political Science's Alex Tan. It examines the need for the right kind of democracy during this unique moment of social and political turmoil.
  • More talks and lectures coming soon.
  • Check out a big selection of videos of previous performances from UC Performance Music staff, students and visiting performers here at their Youtube channel. Something for everyone.
  • Restoring the first recording of computer music - the fascinating story of a shared project between UC Philosophy's Jack Copeland, and Jason Long. They restored the earliest recording of computer music made by computing pioneer Alan Turing in 1948. Read their story and listen to the recording.

The Teece Museum has a list of all its educational resources for school teachers on its School visits page.

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