Professional & Community Engagement (PACE)

We work with businesses and community organisations to provide productive and strategic outcomes on real world projects. Through this co-operative effort, our interns will be armed with the knowledge, skills, experiences and confidence to engage in the critical decisions necessary in the 21st Century. They will be prepared to make a difference.

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Develop skills in community engagement, enterprise, cultural competence and innovation.

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For businesses and organisations

Arts undergraduates can put their skills to the test on real-world problems.

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Dr Stephen Hardman is the Professional and Community Engagement Manager in the College of Arts at the University of Canterbury. Stephen has a PhD in American Studies from the University of Canterbury and specialises in many other areas of history, as well as English and the broader Social Sciences. Originally from England, Stephen has an industry background working in sales and recruitment and an academic background lecturing at St Louis University in the USA. Now with 15 years’ experience of lecturing at UC, Stephen manages the PACE programmes in the College of Arts.

Stephen Hardman

International & External Engagement Manager
Karl Popper Ground Floor - UC Centre for Global Experience
Internal Phone: 94368
Mobile: 94368