Zita Joyce

Senior Lecturer Above the BarZita Joyce

Head of Department / Undergraduate & Honours Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 620


Research Interests

My research interests focus on the intersections between media technologies and social and cultural practice, in areas such as broadcasting and social media. I am particularly interested in creative uses of technologies in visual and sound arts and experimental music, the conceptualisation and use of radio spectrum and wireless technologies, and disaster recovery and resilience for creative communities.

Recent Publications

  • Joyce Z. (2022) Taping the Radio: Recording Memories.. In Lindgren M; Loviglio J (Ed.), Routledge Companion to Radio and Podcast StudiesRoutledge.
  • Joyce Z. (2020) Radio Spectrum as Indigenous Space. In Taylor G; Middleton C (Ed.), Frequencies: International Spectrum Policy: 19-45. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.
  • Joyce ZC. (2017) The Brooding Elitist Relationship-Wrecker: Tropes of Art and Artists on Narrative Television. Pantograph Punch.
  • Joyce Z. (2019) Tracing New Zealand television production funding data. Canberra: 2019 Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) Conference, 2-5 Jul 2019.
  • Joyce Z. (2018) The geographical imaginary of New Zealand Television Production Funding. Auckland: Joint conference of the New Zealand Geographical Society and the Institute of Australian Geographers, 2018, 11-14 Jul 2018.