Zhifang Song

Lecturer in AnthropologyZhifang Song

Anthropology Programme Coordinator & Undergraduate Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 308
Internal Phone: 95568


Research Interests

Zhifang Song is a lecturer in Anthropology in the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Canterbury. He holds a BA (Hebei Normal University), MA (Beijing Foreign Studies University) and a PhD (University of Southern California). Before joining UC, Zhifang held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Southern California. He also taught anthropology at the University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach.

Zhifang has been conducting fieldwork in North China, looking at changes in family and marriage, kinship relations, religious practice, and the dynamics of economic development and environment in local communities. At the same time, Zhifang has been conducting visual ethnographic researches, in collaboration with colleagues at University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach.

Zhifang’s research interests include kinship and family (especially changes under the conditions of modernity and postmodernity), visual anthropology, Societies in China and East Asia, economic development and rural ecology, religion and modernity, and globalization and transnational flow of people and ideas.

Recent Publications

  • Zhang J. and Song Z. (2019) 家庭本位与经济—社会网络——对D镇乡村家纺企业的经济人类学分析 (Family-Oriented Entrepreneurship and Socio-economic Network: An Anthropological Research on the Textile Industry in D Town of Zhejiang Province). Journal of Hubei Minzu University 2019(4): 31-37.
  • Song Z. (2016) Dams and Development in China: The Moral Economy of Water and Power by Bryan Tilt. New York: Columbia University Press, 2015. 280 pp.. American Anthropologist 118(4): 974-975. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/aman.12786.
  • Song Z. (2013) The Colonized Thirst: Rural-Urban Divide and the Rural Drinking Water Problem in North China. The Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies 1(3): 84-91.
  • Song Z. (2023) The making of Hoa identity: Chinese migrants, nationalism and nation-building in post-colonial Vietnam. In Lu Z (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Nationalism in East and Southeast Asia Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Song Z. (2020) Temples and Huiguan: Negotiating Chineseness in Ho Chi Minh City. In Lu Z (Ed.), Chinese Naitonal Identity in the Age of GlobalizationPalgrave MacMillan.