Xiaoming Wu

Adjunct Associate ProfessorXiaoming Wu


Research Interests

Dr Wu’s Research interests focus broadly on a philosophical rereading of Confucian and Daoist classics and comparative studies of Chinese and European thought. He is also a serious Chinese translator of the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. His traditional research interest use to be Chinese and comparative literature, with a particular emphasis on modern Chinese literature and the literary influences it received from Western romanticism. He revisits this research field from time to time and produces works especially on the modern Chinese writer 鲁迅 Lu Xun. Dr Wu’s research gives specific attention to the relevance of traditional Chinese thought to modern life and the potentiality of a philosophically productive dialogue between Chinese thought and Western philosophy.

Recent Publications

  • Wu X. (2013) Wu dao yi yi guan zhi: Chong du Kong Zi ('A Single Thread Runs through All My Doctrines': Rereading Confucius). (2nd ed.). Beijing: Peking University Press. 353.
  • Wu X. (2012) Wenben zhi jian-cong Kongzi dao Lu Xun (Between the texts-from Confucius to Lu Xun). Beijing: Peking University Press. 375.
  • Wu X. (2009) Tianming: zhiwei xing! - Piandu "Zhong yong" (A Limited Reading of the Doctrine of the Mean). Beijing: Peking University Press. 253pp.
  • Wu X. (2007) "Ren [Humanity] Between People": From 'Wishing to Establish Oneself and Establish Others' to 'Ren Is Mankind'. In Contemporary Chinese Thought, 38(4). Special Issue: A Single Thread Runs through All My Doctrines - Wu Xiaoming Rereading Confucius. Birmingham: M.E. Sharpe. 79pp. http://dx.doi.org/10.2753/CSP1097-1467380401.
  • Wu X., Baković Z., Rebac M. and Šterk K. (2006) Filozofija i Zhexue: put k drugome i natrag (Philosophy and zhexue: the way to the other and back). Zagreb: Odjel za orijentalistiku Hrvatskoga filološkog društva : Filozofski fakultet (Croatian Philological Association, Zagreb University). 310pp.