Victor Parker

Associate ProfessorVictor Parker

Rm 103E UC Arts City Location- 3 Hereford Street
Internal Phone: 95070


Research Interests

Dr. Parker's main research and teaching interest is Greek History - in the widest sense, from the Mycenaean (13th century B.C.) through to the Hellenistic period. However, he has maintained a broad interest both in Ancient Near Eastern as well as in Roman (especially Republican) History, interests reflected both in his teaching and in his research.

Recent Publications

  • Parker V. (2018) Deiotarus: On the career of a Roman client king. 187-208.
  • Parker V. (2014) A History of Greece: 1300 to 30 BC. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell. 504pp.
  • Parker V. (2011) Ephoros. In I. Worthington (Ed.), Brill's New Jacoby. Leiden: Brill.
  • Parker V. (1997) Untersuchungen zum Lelantischen Krieg und verwandten Problemen der frühgriechischen Geschichte = Historia Einzelschriften, CIX. Stuttgart: Franz-Steiner-Verlag. 189pp.
  • Parker V. (2019) Should we dismiss the Median Kingdom from history? Klio 101(1): 1-56.