Timothy Veling

Senior Lecturer in PhotographyTimothy Veling

First Year Studies Co-coordinator
Fine Arts, Block 1, Room 207
Internal Phone: 95192


Research Interests

Since the completion of my MFA, I have been engaged in many long-term projects. I see my practice as a progression of thought. Each new project has posed problems and led me to elaborate on or redefine my creative voice and vision. I have always conceived of my own projects as distinct bodies of work, each addressing different issues or themes. Each body of work I have produced evidences a shift in methodology and approach to the medium but the philosophical concerns underpinning the work have remained the same. At heart, each is an exploration of the ideas of home, belonging, family and New Zealand’s social and cultural landscape. In this sense, my research is based within of the documentary tradition, examining the people and places that surround me.

Recent Publications

  • Veling TJ., McDonald A., Porteous M., Sameshima H. and Straight D. (2017) 'Sight, Unseen', In Situ Photo Project, Christchurch. Curator and author of accompanying exhibition catalogue: Insitu Photo Project, Welles Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. 9-30 Sep 2017. [Curated exhibition of photographic prints on the theme of material culture.].
  • Afoa L., Asdollah-Zadeh S., Bellamy M., Langford J., Moss R., Park S., Schroder M., Tanuvasa S. and Veling TJ. (2016) The Hive Hums With Many Minds, curated by Bruce Phillips. Exhibitor: Te Tuhi Offsite: Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter, downtown Auckland. 30 Apr-29 May 2016. [Photography].
  • Garrie BAC., Veling T. and Anderson B. (2016) Photographing our place and people of the past 15 years: Reflections on Place in Time Documentary Project. SCAPE 8 Hub, Christchurch: SCAPE 8 Public Programme.
  • Veling T., Carr S., de Vries T., Flanagan S., Hood R., Rhodes P., Oberg-Humphries N., Palmer L., Oram J. and Greenbank J. (2016) '90 Canon (a series of empty rooms)' in Contemporary Christchurch: Survey exhibition of Christchurch artists. Artist in curated exhibition: CoCA Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki, Christchurch, New Zealand.. 20 Aug-6 Nov 2016. ['90 Canon, (a series of empty rooms)', seven archival photographic prints (each 510x760mm) and accompanying text work (A4). Selection for group exhibition by expert panel consisting of Dr Lara Strongman, Senior Curator, Christchurch Art Gallery Te P].
  • Veling TJ. (2016) Vestiges, photographs of the Avonside Residential Red Zone.. Exhibiting artist: PG Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.. 28 Jun-22 Jul 2016. [7 large scale framed photographic prints].