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Adjunct Associate Professor Robin Bond

Mobile: 0273197637


Research Interests

Robin's doctorate was on Stoic influence on the Satires of Horace, an area of study which with Roman Satire has been a source of journal articles and conference presentations over years. An interest in Classical Drama led to a large number of productions both in Christchurch and in Western Australia. Among Robin’s recent productions was Aristophanes’ 'Frogs' in his own translation in Christchurch in 2005. A production of his translation of Sophocles' 'Philoctetes' was directed by Peter Falkenberg of TAFS with Robin in the title role in late 2006. A co-production of Euripides' 'Cyclops' was presented with Patrick O'Sullivan at the ASCS conference in Christchurch 2008. Robin also translated, directed and acted in a production of Euripides' Iphigeneia in Aulis' in December 2008. In 2009 Robin presented a paper 'Petronian Poems: a Key to the Satyricon' at a Dunedin conference, 'From Nero to Hadrian' and a paper on 'The Augustan Utopia' at The Pacific Rim Seminar in July at University College. This was published in 'Scholia' in 2011. He translated / directed 'Prometheus Bound' in December 2009, produced /directed his translation of Aristophanes' 'Wasps' for the Platform Festival in May 2010, this a source for ASCS pa. In 2011 he translated and directed Euripides' 'Hippolytus' and Seneca's 'Phaedra', published in 'Prudentia' 'Fronting up to Seneca's 'Medea'. An article on directing/translating the 'Oresteia' was in the electronic journal 'Electra' (Patras University).

Recent Publications

  • Bond RP. (2017) Gods, heroes, pottery and plays. In Morrison GL; Minchin-Garvin PMA; Elder TVA (Ed.), We could be heroes: The gods and heroes of the ancient Greeks and Romans: 83-90. Christchurch: Canterbury University Press.
  • Bond RP. (2016) The figure of Prometheus and the origins of civilization. The Rutherford Journal 5(in press).
  • Bond RP. (2012) Aristophanes' Lysistrata. Platform Arts Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand. [Translation and Direction].
  • Bond RP. (2012) Horace's Self-Censorship. University of Adelaide, Australia: Pacific Rim Latin Literature Seminar, 20-24 Jul 2012.
  • Bond R. (2011) Phaedra by Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Elmwood School Community Auditorium, Christchurch, New Zealand. [Translation and direction].