Stuart Wise

Peter Low

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Internal Phone: 91624


Research Interests

Research interests include translation theory and French poetry and song.

Recent Publications

  • Low PA. (2012) Purposeful translating: The case of Britten's vocal music. In Minors HJ (Ed.), Music, Text and Translation: 101-115. London: Continuum.
  • Low P. (2011) Bishop Pompallier and Te Tiriti. In Martin K; Mercer B (Ed.), The French Place in the Bay of Islands: Essays from Pompallier's Printery: 115-127. Russell: Mätou Matauwhi.
  • Low P. (2011) The road to a global discourse on ethical values. In Ji FY; Lin JH; Bouterey S (Ed.), Cultural Interactions and Interpretations in a Global Age: 102-114. Christchurch: Canterbury University Press.
  • Low P. (2006) Multilingualism in Western Musical Culture. In Lin J; Henshall K; Xiao H (Ed.), Ethnic Identities and Linguistic Expressions: Languages, Literatures and Cultural Interaction in an Age of Globalization: 468-486. Beijing: People's Literary Press.
  • Low P. (2006) Skopos Theory and Literary Translation. In Anderson J; Elder H (Ed.), Literary Translation in New Zealand: 15-22. Wellington: School of Asian and European Languages, Victoria University of Wellington.