Pascale Hatcher

Associate ProfessorPascale Hatcher

Head of Department
Elsie Locke Building 610B


Research Interests

My teaching and research interests are centered around the political economy of international development, including the politics of international aid allocation (bilateral and multilateral aid), development NGOs, and civil society mobilisation. More specifically, my research focuses on the political economy of mining in the developing world with an emphasis on how transnational norms for the sector are being domesticated. My current work looks at the development of deep sea mining in the Pacific and its impact on Pacific Island Countries.

Recent Publications

  • Hatcher P. and Lander J. (2023) Searching for New Political Spaces: Negotiating Citizenship and Transnational Identities on Mongolia’s Mining Frontier. Journal of Contemporary Asia 53(2): 311-334.
  • Grégoire ER. and Hatcher P. (2022) Global extractivism and inequality. The Routledge Handbook of Global Development: 341-350.
  • Hatcher P. and Ford G. (2022) Can deep sea mining fight climate change? The politics of the race to mine the deep sea in the Pacific. Panteion University, Athens, Greece: European international Studies Association (EISA) Pan-European Conference on International Relation, 1-4 Sep 2022.
  • Hatcher P. and Haley N. (2022) A Discourse Analysis of Deep-Sea Mining in the Pacific as the New Panacea for the World’s Green Technological Transition. Nashville, USA: International Studies Association (ISA) 2022 Annual Convention, 28 Mar-2 Apr 2022.
  • Hatcher P. and Roy Gregoire E. (2022) ‘Territorial Control, Dispossession and Resistance: the Political Economy of Large-Scale Mining in Asia’. Routledge Handbook on Global Land and Resource Grabbing New York: Routledge.