Nik Taylor

ProfessorNik Taylor

Human Services Graduate Research Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 310
Internal Phone: 90550
My research focusses on the many and varied relationships between humans and other animals.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

(Dr.) Nik Taylor is an internationally recognized critical and public sociologist who has published many articles, books and book chapters. Her research focusses on mechanisms of power and marginalisation expressed in/through human relations with other species and is informed by critical/ intersectional feminism. Nik is currently the co-director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where she also teaches topics in the Human Services program that focus on human-animal violence links; scholar-advocacy; social change, and crime and deviance, particularly domestic violence and animal abuse. Nik’s latest books include Queer Entanglements (Cambridge University Press, with Damien Riggs, heather Fraser and Shoshana Rosenberg) and Rescuing Me, Rescuing You: Companion Animals and Domestic Violence (Palgrave, 2019, with Heather Fraser).

Recent Publications

  • Riggs D., Fraser H., Rosenberg S. and Taylor N. (2021) Queer Entanglements: Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Animal Companionship. Cambridge University Press.
  • Taylor N. and Fraser H. (2019) Companion Animals and Domestic Violence: Rescuing You, Rescuing Me. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 222.
  • Hamilton L. and Taylor N. (2017) Ethnography after humanism: Power, politics and method in multi-species research. London: Palgrave. 1-210.
  • Fraser H. and Taylor N. (2016) Neoliberalization, Universities and the Public Intellectual Species, Gender and Class and the Production of Knowledge. Palgrave Macmillan. 142.
  • Hamilton L. and Taylor N. (2013) Animals at work Identity, politics and culture in work with animals. BRILL. 210.