Nicholas Wright

LecturerNicholas Wright

Honours Co-ordinator
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Research Interests

My M.A. thesis examined the novels of Damien Wilkins, and sought to place him within the context of international trends in poststructuralist and postmodern thought. An extract from this thesis was published as a chapter in Floating Worlds. More recently, an article on the poet Tusiata Avia, "The Task of the Tusitala: Tusiata Avia’s Wild Dogs Under My Skirt", was published in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. In this article I explore the poetics of translation at work in Avia's poetry, a poetics that highlights the politics of translation as a postcolonial concern in light of the increasingly irresistible force of globalisation. The article is part of book I am working on about the romanticism of contemporary New Zealand poetry, which will include a version of my article, 'The Disenchanted Romanticism of James Brown'. My other major area of research is twentieth-century and contemporary American fiction. I intend to update and convert my dissertation (Tendering the Impossible: The Work of Irony in the Late Novels of Don DeLillo) into a monograph on Don DeLillo. The book will develop readings I've made of DeLillo's novels that point to the emergence of a philosophy of language, and from this, a philosophy of literature within the context of late capitalism. The connection of romanticism with capitalism, apparent in DeLillo's novels, is something I will explore further in a collection of essays on the influence of American culture on New Zealand literature.

Recent Publications

  • Wright N. (2017) The Incarnational formalist: The Known Habits of Association in Baxter's Criticism of Poetry. In Whiteford P; Miles G (Ed.), Quarrels with Himself: Essays on James K. Baxter as Prose Writer: 137-163. Wellington: Victoria University Press.
  • Wright NJT. (2017) Baxter's Body of Criticism. New Zealand Studies Seminar Series.
  • Wright NJT. (2017) Feminism and William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Guest Lecture, Geraldine High School.
  • Wright NJT. (2017) Janet Frame's 'You Are Know Entering the Human Heart' and the tradition of the Short Story. Ellesmere College: Guest Lecture.
  • Wright NJT. (2017) Michel Foucault and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. Guest lecture, Geraldine High School.