Mary Wiles

Senior LecturerMary Wiles

Head of Department - English
Karl Popper 607
Internal Phone: 94361

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My primary area of research involves the study of continental film theory and postwar French cinema. My book, Jacques Rivette (Illinois UP, 2012), is an auteur study that focuses on theatricality in the films of this important French New Wave filmmaker. More recently, I edited a commemorative journal issue addressing the work of Rivette and experimental filmmaker Chris Marker. I have published essays in journals and edited collections on avant-garde theatricality, adaptation, queer and feminist theory. My current research focuses on the manner in which the coming-of-age narrative of girlhood overlaps with themes of race and nationalism in films from New Zealand and France.

My teaching and supervision reflects these research interests: French and other New Wave cinemas, film genre and in particular, the coming-of age subgenre, women filmmakers and feminist film theory.

Recent Publications

  • Wiles MM. (2012) Jacques Rivette. Springfield: University of Illinois Press. 208pp.
  • Wiles MM (Ed.) (2017) Special Commemorative Issue: Jacques Rivette and Chris Marker The Cine-Files (12)Savannah, GA, USA.
  • Wiles M. (2023) Marcel Ophüls (1927–). In Abecassis M; Block M; Chaplin F (Ed.), The Art of Directing: A Concise Dictionary of France's Film Directors: 393-396. Oxford United Kingdom: Peter Lang, Ltd..
  • Wiles MM. (2016) Moving Backstage. In Nield A (Ed.), The Jacques Rivette Collection: 8-26. Shenley: Arrow Academy.
  • Wiles MM. (2015) The Film Portrait of a New Zealand Storyteller: Gaylene Preston's 'Home by Christmas'. In Goldsmith B; Ryan MD; Lealand G (Ed.), Directory of World Cinema: Australia and New Zealand 2: 259-265. Bristol: Intellect.