Marozane Spamers

Lecturer in Criminal JusticeMarozane Spamers

Logie 302
Internal Phone: 91459


Research Interests

Dr Spamers’ research interests are in the intersection between law and mental health. She is particularly interested in mental health in context of the criminal justice system and the multidisciplinary approach required to coordinate a best practice response to mental health issues in criminal law, policing, corrections and the health system. An overarching goal of her work is determining how criminal law and criminal justice policy can be utilised to ensure that human rights obligations are realised.

Marozane’s approach to research is based on the view that law does not operate in a vacuum and that the legitimacy of the criminal justice system can only be ensured if legislation and policy is evidence-based. Her studies and research combine criminal law and criminology, criminal procedure, human rights law, international law, medical law, and the regulation of policing and corrections.

Recent Publications

  • Spamers M. (2022) Criminal Justice Policy and Mental Health in New Zealand: The influence of culture, law and society. King's College London: Society of Legal Scholars’ Annual Conference, 6-9 Sep 2022.
  • Spamers M. (2022) Mental Health and Criminal Justice in New Zealand: A Human Rights Critique. Lyon, France: XXXVIIth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, 2-8 Jul 2022.
  • Spamers M. (2017) The Constitutionality of Chapter 13 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977. South African Journal of Criminal Justice 30(3): 339-362.
  • Spamers M. (2016) A critical analysis of South African mental health law : a selection of human rights and criminal justice issues. Pretoria. University of Pretoria.