Maria Perez Y Perez 2017

Senior LecturerMaria Perez-Y-Perez

Human Services Undergraduate and Honours Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 314
Internal Phone: 94417


Research Interests

Current research activities include:
* The transition to decriminalisation of sex work and the implications for sex work industry personnel, human service providers and government agents/bodies
* Teenage Fathers in Canterbury - this study explores young Canterbury father’s experiences of identity, sexuality and family
* Professional Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding as Socio-technical Networks - this study traces the networks that produce professional FSS athletes using Actor Network Theory.

Planned projects include:
* Ethnography and ANT: sex worlds and youth worlds
* Social media and intimacy
* The global politics of sport and development and the implications for national sports bodies.

Recent Publications

  • He L., van Heugten K., Perez-Y-Perez M. and Zheng Y. (2021) Issues of Elder Care among Migrant Workers in Contemporary Rural China: Filial Piety Redefined from a Foucauldian Perspective. Journal of Aging and Social Policy
  • Abbas A., Abel G., Abreu A., Adam A., Adamek M., Adiletta G., Adusei-asante KA., Romeo MDM., Alderson A. and Alfaro E. (2020) Acknowledgement to reviewers of social sciences in 2019. Social Sciences 9(1)
  • Wilson E., Perez-y-Perez M. and Evans NA. (2017) Editing hip-hop within youth work activities: an actor-network theory analysis. Journal of Youth Studies 20(10): 1396-1410.
  • Perez-Y-Perez M. (2016) Mapping the Health and Safety of Female Sex Workers after the Prostitution Reform Act (2003): Human Services Perspectives and Responses. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies 11(4): 29-45.
  • Newick L. and Perez-y-Perez M. (2015) "I'm just glad I changed": Youth Stories of New Identities in Desistance. Te Awatea Review 12(1): 6-11.