Louise Palmer

Senior Lecturer in SculptureLouise Palmer

Third Year Studies Co-ordinator
Internal Phone: 95354


Research Interests

Current research explores the intersection between the practical considerations of sculptural practice and the personal underpinnings of an artwork. I have utilised traditional sculptural processes and materials such as casting, which inform the work both materially and conceptually. It is through a reconsideration of tradition that the role of contemporary sculpture is explored; cast from residues of everyday life, recent sculptures suggest a re-consideration of the conventional meanings and values ascribed to objects.

Recycled materials are the starting point for an ongoing series of cast plaster and bronze works. These everyday materials are repeated and reformed into conflated and doubled objects. The forms, then cast, perform acts of recycling as the prosaic everyday items are rendered strange and ambiguous through replication and repetition.

Drawing is also an important part of ongoing research research, with drawing considered as an expanded field of practice and two-dimensional works often exhibited alongside sculptural works.


Recent Publications

  • Palmer L. (2017) Homeshow, 90 Canon. Curator, contributing artist, catalogue editor and writer: 90 Canon St, St Albans, Christchurch. 23-26 Nov 2017. [Curated group exhibition with edited catalogue].
  • Palmer LM. and Bannan S. (2017) Homeshow, 90 Canon, Exhibition Catalogue. Editor, contributor and artist.: [Catalogue, 6-page? fold out, A4, printed for exhibition 'Homeshow, 90 Canon' (see NRO2) which I edited. Included a text I'd written in relation to the ?exhibition, an artist text work I'd commissioned from Sophie Bannan and images of work by exhibit].
  • Palmer L. (2016) 90 Canon. Solo artist project: 90 Canon St, Christchurch, New Zealand. 29 Jan-5 Feb 2016. [Site specific sculptural deconstruction/installation].
  • Veling T., Carr S., de Vries T., Flanagan S., Hood R., Rhodes P., Oberg-Humphries N., Palmer L., Oram J. and Greenbank J. (2016) '90 Canon (a series of empty rooms)' in Contemporary Christchurch: Survey exhibition of Christchurch artists. Artist in curated exhibition: CoCA Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki, Christchurch, New Zealand.. 20 Aug-6 Nov 2016. ['90 Canon, (a series of empty rooms)', seven archival photographic prints (each 510x760mm) and accompanying text work (A4). Selection for group exhibition by expert panel consisting of Dr Lara Strongman, Senior Curator, Christchurch Art Gallery Te P].
  • Akehurst M., Bywater J., Galloway M., Geoghegan C., Sutherland E., Wells D., Kerr S., Middleton T., Palmer L. and Walls M. (2015) Community Service: A Reading Room. Exhibiting artist/contributor: North Projects, Manchester St, Christchurch, New Zealand. 23 Oct-14 Nov 2015. [Mixed Media. Artist contribution to a group exhibition at North Projects, an artist-run space in Christchurch. I contributed a curated selection of books and ephemera relating to my time as Director of the High St Project, an artist-run project in Ch].