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LecturerKirsty Dunn

Te Aupōuri, Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi
Te Ao Mārama - Room 158
Internal Phone: 91247


Research Interests

My main research interests lie within the field of Māori and Indigenous literatures; my PhD thesis is a study and celebration of Māori writing in English wherein I use various invocations of whakapapa and draw upon pūrākau to read a range of contemporary texts. Inspired by Kaupapa Māori researchers, Indigenous literary scholars, and decolonizing research methodologies, I situate these texts in an expansive whakapapa of creative production; I therefore have related research interests in Māori and Indigenous media, Māori and Indigenous art and curation, taonga tuku iho and museum studies, and Māori and Indigenous research methodologies more generally.

Recent Publications

  • Dunn K. (2019) Kaimangatanga: Maori Perspectives on Veganism and Plant-based Kai. Animal Studies Journal 8(1): 42-65.
  • Dunn K. (2017) "Do you know where the light is?" Factory farming and industrial slaughter in Michel Faber's under the skin. In Potts A (Ed.), Meat Culture: 149-162. Leiden: Brill.
  • Dunn KH. (2015) Inherit the World, Devour the Earth: Representations of western meat production and consumption in contemporary fiction. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.
  • Dunn K. (1900) 'Into the Dark, We are Moths' Reading Animal Whanaunga in Māori Writing in English. University of Canterbury.