John Chrisstoffels

Senior Lecturer in FilmJohn Chrisstoffels

Programme Co-ordinator of Fine Arts Studio
Fine Arts, Block 2, Room 208
Internal Phone: 95487
Critically aclaimed Film-maker and Musician specialising in cinematography.


Research Interests

As a Film-maker and Musician for over 30 years my research interests span much of what might be described as 'time-based' art. I have in that time achieved critical acclaim for my work both Nationally and Internationally. I have collaborated with high-profile international and local artists/film-makers. As a respected member of the New Zealand film-making community I have been a Creative New Zealand panelist and commitee member of numerous film organisations and events. Research interests include film theory and the history of film (New Zealand and international), and all facets of film-making directing and producing, as well as new technologies.

Recent Publications

  • Chrisstoffels J.(2018) Ritornello. Director: [16mm reversal]. 2minutes 42seconds.
  • Ballantyne S.(2017) The Palest of them All. Lawrence Arabia. Cinematographer: Commissioned by New Zealand on Air. [4k Digital]. 4.52 mins.
  • Gorman N.(2017) Human Traces. Director of Photography: Commissioned by New Zealand Film Commission. [4k Digital]. 87 mins.
  • Greenberg R.(2017) Team Tibet: Home away from Home. Cinematography.: [Digital HD]. 160 mins.
  • Horrocks S.(2017) Free Theatre. Additional Cinematography: [HD Digital]. 76 minutes.