Jarrod Gilbert

Director of Criminal Justice and Senior LecturerJarrod Gilbert

Elsie Locke Building 306
Internal Phone: 95541
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Research Interests

Dr Gilbert has done extensive research in the areas of crime and justice. He is New Zealand’s leading authority on gangs and the author of Patched: The history of gangs in New Zealand and award winning and best selling book, which stemmed from New Zealand most extensive underworld ethnography. He co-edited Criminal Justice: A New Zealand Introduction, and he writes a column for the New Zealand Herald.

Recent Publications

  • Gilbert J. and Martin S. (2019) A Rebel in Exile. Richmond: Hardie Grant Books. 272.
  • Gilbert J. (2013) Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand. Auckland: Auckland University Press. 360.
  • Gilbert J; Newbold GC (Ed.) (2017) Criminal Justice: A New Zealand Introduction. Auckland: Auckland University Press. 342.
  • Gilbert J. (2021) The Politics and Political Management of Gangs. In Stanley E; Monod de Froideville S; Bradley T (Ed.), The Aotearoa Handbook of Criminology New Zealand: Auckland University Press.
  • Gilbert J. (2019) New Zealand: Patched gangs, police and political corruption. In Allum F; Gilmour S (Ed.), Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics: 363-373.Edward Elgar Publishing. http://dx.doi.org/10.4337/9781786434579.00036.