Henrietta Mondry

ProfessorHenrietta Mondry

Russian Subject Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 605
Internal Phone: 95978

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include cultural history, nineteenth-and-twentieth century Russian literature and history of ideas. I have also published extensively on socio-political aspects of contemporary Russian culture, with special reference to nationalism and antisemitism. I am interested in the representation of Jewish alterity in cultural discourse. I have also developed an interest in the representation of human-animal relations from the 19th century till present.

Recent Publications

  • Mondry H. (2015) Political animals: Representing dogs in modern Russian culture. 1-432. http://dx.doi.org/10.1163/9789401211840.
  • Mondry H. (2015) Political Animals: Representing Dogs in Modern Russian Culture. Amsterdam: Brill | Rodopi. 451pp.
  • Mondry H. (2010) Vasily Rozanov and the body of Russian literature. 1-166.
  • Mondry H. (2010) Vasily Rozanov and the Body of Russian Literature. Bloomington: Slavica. 176pp.
  • Mondry H. (2009) Exemplary Bodies: Constructing the Jew in Russian Culture, since the 1880s. Boston: Academic Studies Press. 301pp.