Geoff Ford profile

Lecturer Geoffrey Ford

Faculty of Arts Momentum Co-coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 612


Research Interests

My research is interdisciplinary, combining political science, digital methods and linguistics. I have a professional background in software development and web technologies and my research often makes use of these skills to collect large data-sets, to apply computer-assisted approaches to analyse texts, and to build interfaces to interact with, visualise and analyse data. My current research focuses on two projects. I'm an Associate Investigator on the Mapping LAWS project (Issue Mapping and Analysing the Lethal Autonomous Weapons Debate; Marsden Grant 19-UOC-068). I'm also an Associate Investigator on a new project on the politics of deep sea mining in the Pacific (Into the Deep: Analysing the Actors and Controversies Driving the Adoption of the World’s First Deep Sea Mining Governance; Marsden Grant 22-UOC-059). I contribute to the Digital Humanities teaching and research programme and I'm part of the committee leading UC's Arts Digital Lab, including work to encourage and advise new digital projects.

Recent Publications

  • Moses J. and Ford G. (2023) Encoding the Enemy: The Politics Within and Around Ethical Algorithmic War. Global Society
  • Moses J. and Ford G. (2021) See Spot save lives: fear, humanitarianism, and war in the development of robot quadrupeds. Digital War 2(1-3): 64-76.
  • Hirshberg M. and Ford G. (2001) Justice, Work, Poverty and Welfare. Journal of Poverty 5(3): 65-86.
  • Millar P., Blackwood M., Ford G., Garello D., Ghosh D., Looyer N., Matheson D., Middendorf C., Middendorf J. and Moir L. (2023) Views Through Student Lenses: How Workshops with Student Research Assistants Can Enhance a Lab’s Research Programme. In Estill L; Giuliano J (Ed.), Digital humanities workshops: Lessons learned: 280.Routledge.
  • Ford G. (2022) Green parties and greening party politics. In Bargh M; MacArthur J (Ed.), Environmental Politics and Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand Auckland: Auckland University Press.