Enrica Sciarrino

Associate ProfessorEnrica Sciarrino

Honours Co-ordinator
Rm 103D UC Arts City Location- 3 Hereford Street
Internal Phone: 94981

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Enrica’s research focus is on Greek and Roman socio-cultural history and the development of new approaches towards the study of textual materials and cultural practices. Both strands meet in her 2011 major publications, Cato the Censor and the Beginnings of Latin Prose: From Poetic Translation to Elite Transcription and the co-edited volume Complicating the History of Western Translation. The former engages with the misconstruction of early Roman literary practices caused by hyper-textual analyses and complicates the traditional separation of prose from poetry; the latter meets with translation studies’ interest in considering alternative ideas and forms of translation that take into account the translator's agency. Along the way she has published in major journals and contributed to important edited volumes on a wide range of topics, including methodological issues, oratory, education, rhetoric, historiography and the ancient fable. Finally, she has organized and has been invited to a number of leading conferences and workshops in Australasia, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Recent Publications

  • McElduff S. and Sciarrino E. (2014) Complicating the history of western translation: The ancient Mediterranean in perspective. 1-229. http://dx.doi.org/10.4324/9781315760070.
  • Sciarrino E. (2011) Cato the Censor and the Beginnings of Latin Prose: From Poetic Translation to Elite Transcription. Columbus: Ohio State University Press. 239pp.
  • Sciarrino E. (2025) Self-citing and other remnants in and around Cicero’s theological trilogy. Classical Antiquity : 40 pages.
  • O'Sullivan P., Sciarrino E. and Field P. (2022) ‘It’s Epic: Odysseus’ Journey from Homer to Joyce’. A discussion panel. Arts Centre, Christchurch, NZ.: Public Lecture Series organised by Classics Dept. & Teece Museum, 09 Aug 2022.
  • Sciarrino E. (2022) Oratorical egos in mid-republican Rome. Turin, Italy: Seminari del dipartimento di studi umanistici, Turin (Italy).