Clemency Montelle

Head of DepartmentClemency Montelle

Jack Erskine 400
Internal Phone: 92479


Research Interests

Research interests include the history and philosophy of mathematics; the preparation, translation, and commentary of ancient mathematical texts in Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and Akkadian; and ancient mathematical astronomy and modelling.

Recent Publications

  • Misra A., Montelle C. and Plofker K. (2020) The Sanskrit Astronomical Table Text Brahmatulyasāraṇī Numerical Tables in Textual Scholarship. .
  • Montelle C. and Plofker K. (2019) Sanskrit Astronomical Tables. Cham: Springer International Publishing. 308.
  • Ramasubramanian K., Hayashi T. and Montelle C. (2019) Introduction. xvii-xxxvi.
  • Montelle C. (2011) Chasing Shadows: Mathematics, Astronomy, and the Early History of Eclipse Reckoning. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 408pp.
  • Montelle C. (2020) Philippe de La Hire in India Comparing true solar longitude computations in Latin and Sanskrit. Archives internationales d'histoire des sciences.