Chris Thomson

Senior LecturerChristopher Thomson

Undergraduate Co-ordinator - English / Digital Humanities Programme Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 604


Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of literary studies and digital humanities, particularly on the way digital media technologies shape and are shaped by cultural practices. Currently I am working on a database and website project entitled Kōmako: a bibliography of writing by Māori in English (with Dr Bridget Underhill), and on an analysis of digital media responses to the Canterbury earthquakes. I have other research interests in adaptations of literature in digital media, posthumanism in literature, and on the application of text mining as a research method in the humanities.

Recent Publications

  • Millar P., Blackwood M., Ford G., Garello D., Ghosh D., Looyer N., Matheson D., Middendorf C., Middendorf J. and Moir L. (2023) Views Through Student Lenses: How Workshops with Student Research Assistants Can Enhance a Lab’s Research Programme. In Estill L; Giuliano J (Ed.), Digital humanities workshops: Lessons learned: 280.Routledge.
  • Pawlicka-Deger U; Thomson C (Ed.) (2023) Digital Humanities and Laboratories: Perspectives on Knowledge, Infrastructure and Culture. London: Routledge.
  • Blain H. and Thomson C. (2021) Evolution of community discourses in Cantabrians’ reiterated earthquake stories: A combined topic model and positioning analysis approach. Online: DHA2021: Ka Renarena Te Taukaea / Creating Communities, 22-25 Nov 2021.
  • Pawlicka-Deger U., Howard JT., Marienberg-Milikowsky I., Smithies J., Sumner TD., Walsh B. and Thomson C. (2021) Digital Humanities Laboratories: Communities of/in practice. Online: DHA2021: Ka Renarena Te Taukaea / Creating Communities, 22 Nov 2021-25 Nov 2025.
  • Jones C., Thomson C., Middendorf J., Hodgson N., Kogou S., Liang H. and Pickup C. (2019) Digital Humanities and Heritage Science Research Infrastructures. : 4. PARTHENOS. [Website].