Carl Te Hira Lewis Mika

ProfessorCarl Te Hira Lewis Mika

Tuhourangi, Ngāti Whanaunga
Postgraduate Coordinator
Te Ao Marama - Room148
Internal Phone: 90637


Research Interests

I am Maori of the Tuhourangi iwi and a professor in Aotahi: School of Māori and Indigenous Studies, University of Canterbury, specialising in Māori and Indigenous philosophy, with a particular focus on its revitalisation within a colonised reality. Committed to investigating indigenous notions of holism, I wrote Indigenous Education and the Metaphysics of Presence (2017, Routledge), along with several articles and chapters, on the issue of colonisation and reductionism. I am currently working on the Maori concepts of nothingness and darkness in response to an Enlightenment focus on clarity and am speculating on how they can form the backdrop of academic expression. I am also contributing to philosophical discussions arising around matauranga Maori and science.
I have experience teaching and researching in education and mātauranga Māori, the law, and global studies.
Internationally, I have held an adjunct professorship at RMIT and am involved in projects that engage with Indigenous philosophy: Sámi mánná jurddavázzin – Sámi Children as Thought Herders: Storytelling and critical philosophical inquiries in Indigenous Early Years Education (Swedish Research Council); and Understanding Indigenous ethics and wholism within academic and Aboriginal community research settings (SSHRC, Canada).
I welcome inquiries from doctoral students interested in diverse methods and delving into Maori and other Indigenous philosophies.

Recent Publications

  • Karamercan O., Matapo J., Kamenarac O., Fa’avae DTM., Arndt S., Irwin R., Kruger F., Mika C., Bassidou MYA. and Tesar M. (2022) Engaging and developing community in digital spaces: Approaches from the Editorial Development Group. Educational Philosophy and Theory
  • Mika C. (2022) Reclaiming mystery: A Māori philosophy of Being, in light of Novalis’ ontology..
  • Mika C. (2022) When the Gaze meets the gaze. Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi.
  • Peters MA., Arndt S., Tesar M., Jackson L., Hung R., Mika C., Ozolins JT., Teschers C., Orchard J. and Buchanan R. (2022) Philosophy of education in a new key: A collective project of the PESA executive. Educational Philosophy and Theory 54(8): 1061-1082.
  • Thrupp M. and Mika C. (2022) The politics of teacher development for an indigenous people. The Routledge International Handbook of Teacher and School DevelopmentRoutledge.