Babak Bahador

Adjunct Senior FellowBabak Bahador


Research Interests

I primarily research the overlap between international relations and media/communications. Some specific topics of recent research projects include the CNN effect, media framing during conflict, peace and reconciliation, and citizen journalism during conflict/crisis. I also conduct some research on media and democracy, especially in relation to elections.

Recent Publications

  • Bahador B., Entman R. and Knüpfer C. (2019) Who’s Elite and How the Answer Matters to Politics. Political Communication 36(1): 195-202.
  • Porter E., Wood TJ. and Bahador B. (2019) Can presidential misinformation on climate change be corrected? Evidence from Internet and phone experiments. Research and Politics 6(3)
  • Bahador B. (2017) Did pictures in the news media just change U.S. policy in Syria? (10 April) Washington Post. [Washington Post].
  • Bahador B. (2017) Were those Russian social media ads powerful enough to influence us? Let’s look at the evidence.. Washington DC: Washington Post. [Washington Post].
  • Bahador B., Moses J. and Lafi Youmans W. (2017) Rhetoric and Recollection: Recounting the George W. Bush Administration's Case for War in Iraq. Presidential Studies Quarterly