Amy Fletcher

Associate ProfessorAmy Fletcher

Elsie Locke Building 610
Internal Phone: 94404


Research Interests

My major research area is science, technology and environmental policy. I focus on the integration of the computer science and biotechnological sectors and the impact of exponential technological change on public policies and society. My current specific interests include artificial intelligence/automation and employment, the impact of AI on the higher education sector, and disruptive biotechnologies in health and the environment. Research questions that I consider include: 1) what happens after new technologies 'leave the lab' and enter society; 2) what ethical and political challenges do new technologies pose; 3) how can scientific and technological innovation be fostered through smart regulation and community engagement; 4) what would it mean to "enhance" humans with advanced technologies and what might be the political and ethical implications? I also have an ongoing research interest in public engagement, science communication and methods for community engagement and scenario/foresight analysis.

Recent Publications

  • Fletcher A. (2020) De-Extinction and the Genomics Revolution: Life on Demand. Palgrave Macmillan. 88.
  • Fletcher AL. (2014) Mendel's Ark: Biotechnology and the Future of Extinction. Dordrecht: Springer. viii+99.
  • Fletcher AL. (2017) Engineering the Future: New Frontiers for Biopolitics. In Peterson SA; Somit AS (Ed.), Handbook of Biology and Politics: 476-486. United Kingdom:
  • Fletcher AL. (2016) The Hall of Extinct Monsters: Mammoths, Elephants and Nature in the Palaeo-Future. In Locke PEG; Buckingham JM (Ed.), Conflict, Negotiation and Coexistence: Rethinking Human-Animal Relations in South Asia: 137-155. Oxford and London: Oxford University Press.
  • Fletcher AL. (2013) Biocolonialism: Genetics Science and Aboriginal Peoples. In Lawson RM (Ed.), Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today: 780-788. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood.