Aaron Kreisler

Head of Fine Arts / Associate ProfessorAaron Kreisler

Honours and MFA Co-coordinator
Fine Arts, Block 2, Room 211
Internal Phone: 95533


Research Interests

Research into the production, dissemination and impact of contemporary and modern visual artists practice within this network (arts industry) and the broader 'public' sector. Having developed my practice as a curator and writer in New Zealand over recent decades I have garnered a significant understanding of the machinations of this country's rich visual arts practice. My interest in contemporary art is defined by the art currents of this place, but this is a perspective that is as much shaped by looking out as it is within our borders. New Zealand’s contemporary art community, while at times operating in relative isolation, has a strong permaculture that has always been welled informed and connected to a global art world. As a researcher who operates in a range of terrains in this network I am interested in interrogating the practice that we produce in this place, but also how it operates, reacts and speaks to this wider discourse.

Recent Publications

  • Kreisler AP. (2017) Len Lye: Pretty Good For The Twenty First Century. Curator: Campus Gallery, School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury. 11 Oct-8 Nov 2017. [Curated Exhibition].
  • Goniwe T., Hylton R., Kreisler A., Ritter K. and Shivadas V. (2014) Where do I end and you begin. Co-curator: City Art Centre, The Old Royal High School and various off-site locations in Edinburgh, Scotland. 1 Aug-19 Oct 2014. [Curated a selection of contemporary New Zealand art as part of multinational collaborative exhibition for international arts festival].
  • Kreisler A. and Aberhart L. (2014) Laurence Aberhart: ANZAC, A Survey of WWI memorials photographed over a forty year period.. Senior Curator, exhibition editor and fundraiser (secured major support from WW100 fund).: Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery, Sarjeant Gallery (Wanganui), Tauranga Art Gallery. 12 Apr 2014-31 Dec 2017. [Curated exhibition].
  • Kreisler AP. and van Zon E. (2014) Erica van Zon: Dogwood Days. Principal curator: Dunedin Public Art Gallery. 29 Nov 2014-15 Mar 2015. [Curated artist in residency exhibition].
  • Kreisler AP., Lister A. and Oh SY. (2014) Seung Yul Oh Moa Moa: A Decade. Co-curator, co-author (didactic texts) and co-commissioner new works: Dunedin Public Art Gallery and City Gallery, Wellington. 23 Nov 2013-24 Aug 2014. [Curated exhibition of a decades worth of performance based, video, painting, sculptural and installation practice by Seung Yul Oh. First major analysis of this highly regarded New Zealand/Korean contemporary artists work].