Percussion quartet’s album cover BEYOND

08 January 2018

Senior Lecturer Dr Justin DeHart's studio recording was recently listed in two top ten Classical Music Album lists for 2017.

Photobook award

20 March 2018

Steve Carr’s publication 'Variations for Troubled Hands' came out on top at the Australian Photobook of the Year Awards 2017.

Claire Curran and Leigh Huffine

04 May 2018

Last week, the UC Arts Digital Lab, main office of the CEISMIC earthquake digital archive, hosted Hon Clare Curran, the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications, and Digital Media, and Minister of Government Digital Services.

Francesca Comunello speaking

09 May 2018

Associate Professor Francesca Comunello will be a College of Arts Visiting Fellow in the Department of Media & Communication between 28 April and 31 May, 2018.

AASA 2019 conference website front page

07 August 2018

The website has just been launched for the biennial conference of the Australasian Animal Studies Association, which will be hosted by the University of Canterbury’s New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies in July 1-4 2019. The conference theme is ‘Decolonizing Animals’.

Huia - Buller

03 September 2018

A new book on the philosophy of de-extinction, Resurrecting Extinct Species, co-written by Dr Doug Campbell (Philosophy) and Patrick Whittle, has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan.