Romana Kafedžic

BHSc 2016

Project Manager, Reckitt.

Romana Kafedzic

'My degree has provided an incredible platform from which to launch my career.'

After graduating her Health Sciences degree, Romana began her career with Koti Technologies as a Market Research Analyst, investigating the demand for water purification products for hospital and healthcare facilities globally.

She then worked as a Research Analyst for Clubfoot Aotearoa, a non-profit supporting children born with the rare clubfoot disease. Romana’s role involved a large amount of data collation from family interviews and international partners to develop more effective healthcare models, particularly for providers in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Romana then moved to London, launching her career in the UK at The Royal Society within diversity and education policy administration, and later at Springer Nature publishing company assisting with the Scientific Data research journal.

Following this, Romana began specialising in the pharmaceutical sector as a Research Coordinator for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, managing research grants and events, including the annual Health Services Research and Pharmacy Practice (HSRPP) conference.

Romana then worked at Nicholas Hall, a consumer healthcare solutions company. As a Consultant, she researched the market for new, innovative health products and therapeutic devices; and develops business, sales, and R&D strategies for international clients. This included travelling to visit clients in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the USA.

She currently works at Reckitt (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) the global pharma company that owns Dettol, Durex, Strepsils, Gaviscon etc.

She works as a Project Manager within the UK Innovation Hub focusing on the European Market: namely Spain and France. At Reckitt she is part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and UK Purpose Council. 

Recently Romana was awarded a place to the Global Annual Summit - One Young World, where 4 people across the worldwide company were awarded a place.