Harry Gibson

BE (Hons) 2017

Mechanical Engineer at Beca

Harry Gibson

Harry Gibson’s role with Beca has seen him working on a huge range of clients and projects, from food and beverage to minerals and metals, hydrogen refueling and wastewater treatment. The Beca Group, is a multi-disciplinary employee-owned engineering professional services firm in the Asia-Pacific region.

Harry was attracted to engineering because of the potential it has to help transform the world.

“There’s a huge focus on sustainability and future-proofing. Our mission is to benefit the environment and minimise our global footprint.”

Born in Thailand, he spent his teenage years in Japan and Indonesia (where his father was the NZ Ambassador) before moving to New Zealand to attend the University of Canterbury. Harry aspired to work on industrial and infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia so in 2019 he transferred to Beca Indonesia (PT Bimatekno Karyatama Konsultan) to support Beca's Industrial clients and projects in the region.

“After three years of working for Beca in New Zealand, I was in the right place at the right time in terms of having enough experience, and there being the project opportunities to justify a move to Indonesia. Everything happened very quickly.”

His current work revolves around nickel processing and refining, specifically the engineering and construction of furnaces and process facilities. Nickel is a major component in Lithium Ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV’s). With the EV industry set to take off over the coming decade as technology improves and vehicle prices come down, and committment from major international companies to develop an EV battery supply chain in Indonesia, it is an exciting time to be involved in the industry.