Erin Jackson

BA / LLB 2012

Founder, Narrative Campaigns

Erin Jackson

Since graduating from UC, Erin Jackson has taken on a range of governance roles including Trustee at the UC Foundation, the Arts Centre, and the Volunteer Army Foundation.

She also formed her own successful communications business, Narrative Campaigns, an all-inclusive strategic agency that works with organisations to build communities that connect with purpose and tell stories to raise money and build awareness.

“As a society I think our expectations and motivations are changing. The more we can engage in purpose-driven work and see business as a force for good, the better.”

She is passionate about enabling new start-ups and social enterprises to achieve success, and is a big believer in equality, inclusiveness and challenging the status quo.

As a freelancer looking to make a difference in a post-quake Christchurch, she was overwhelmed by people who wanted to tell their story: authentically and genuinely.

Fast-forward ten years, and the pace has shown no signs of slowing down. “In Christchurch we’ve had a taste that things can be done differently and that people will support incredible causes doing good. Our job, as a business, is just to connect the people, so that the magic can happen.”