UC Legend - Vicki Hyde

Science writer Vicki Hyde chaired the New Zealand Skeptics for 18 years, whilst also editing and publishing a number of books with either astronomical - or more unusual themes.

Vicki Hyde

Vicki Hyde is a science writer and editor who is well known for the 18 years she spent as the chair-entity of the New Zealand Sceptics. She won the New Zealand Association of Scientists science journalism award in 1999 and became a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2013 for services to science.

Her published books include Godzone Skies, Astronomy for New Zealanders, Night Skies above New Zealand and one written in a more sceptical vein, Oddzone: Paranormal Phenomena, Alien Abductions, Animal Mysteries, Psychics and Mediums and Other Weird Kiwi stuff.

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