Hon doc - Rt Hon Sir Andrew Tipping

Doctor of Laws

Justice Tipping is considered to be one of the most distinguished graduates of the University of Canterbury’s School of Law.

He was born in England and came to New Zealand at an early age. Educated at Christ’s College and the University of Canterbury, he graduated LLM (Master of Laws) with first class honours.

He practised law in Christchurch with the firm of Wynn Williams and Co. until 1986 when he was appointed a Judge of the High Court, sitting in Christchurch. In 1997 he became a Judge of the Court of Appeal of New Zealand and a Privy Councillor. He is a former council member of the New Zealand Law Society and former member and chairman of the Tribunals Committee and the Legal Aid Committee.

Justice Tipping’s elevation to New Zealand’s highest court was widely acclaimed and his contributions to the shaping of New Zealand law are considered to be substantial and permanent. He has also contributed to education. He tutored and lectured part-time at Canterbury and was a member of Canterbury’s University Council from 1988 to 1992.

He is currently chairman of the Council of Legal Education, the statutory body that prescribes the educational requirements for admission to legal practice, and monitors their attainment.

Citation authorised as true and correct at April 2002.