Notable Alumni - Warren Poh

Master of Engineering Management

Principal Consultant at Poh Consulting Limited

Warren Poh

Warren is currently Principal Consultant at Poh Consulting Limited.

After graduating from UC with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (2004) and Masters in Engineering Management (2005), Warren spent a year as UCSA President before embarking on his professional career.

Since 2007, Warren has been primarily based in Christchurch but working across New Zealand. Warren began at a consulting engineering company, Cosgroves and developed his passion for projects, people, and problem-solving.

Later, Warren moved to Hawkins in a post-EQ Christchurch environment before joining two other UC alumni to grow Olsson Fire and Risk - a specialist fire engineering consultancy. This specialist Fire Engineering Consulting firm was then acquired by GHD to provide a new service offering for the multi-discipline global consultancy company.
More recently, Warren has started his own consultancy company providing specialist relationship development services to companies.