Notable Alumni - Marcia Butterfield

Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

Founder / Director Neat Places

Marcia Butterfield

Marcia was inspired to start Neat Places in the aftermath of the September 2010 earthquakes when she noticed her friends’ negative perceptions of Christchurch. Many felt that there was little to do in Christchurch, but Marcia knew otherwise! She took matters into her own hands and started a hobby blog to profile different businesses. Initially, Marcia did all of the photography and writing herself, and she focused purely upon Christchurch. Neat Places has grown a lot since then. It is now an enterprise, with Marcia and the rest of the team developing Neat Places into a guide for many cities, towns, and regions across New Zealand. Neat Places unearths the hidden treasures of a town or city, and they publish their content online and in free printed pocket guides.

In addition to Neat Places, Marcia has also founded two additional businesses: Coo Coo in 2012 and Content NZ in 2017.