Plundering Beauty: A History of Art Crime During War

Plundering beauty

Arthur Tompkins

ISBN: 978-1848222199

The roll-call of wars down the centuries is paralleled by an equally extensive narrative of the theft, destruction, plundering, displacement and concealing of some of the greatest works of art during those conflict. This is a story that is expertly told in 'Plundering Beauty,' a lavishly illustrated history of art crime during war. From the many wars of Classical Antiquity, through the military turning points and detours of the Fourth Crusade, the Thirty Years’ War, Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, the First and Second World Wars, and then onwards to the ongoing contemporary conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, 'Plundering Beauty' narrates and illustrates the history of art crime in times of war, including myriad fascinating and often little-known stories of the fate of some of humankind’s greatest works of art.