John and Charles Enys: Castle Hill Runholders (1864-1891)

Castle Hill

Jenny Abrahamson (with John O'Malley)

ISBN: 978-1927167311

This book records the story of two Cornish brothers who owned the Castle Hill sheep station for more than 25 years in the late 19th century. Extracts from letters by both brothers and paintings by Charles that they sent to their family at Enys in Cornwell give a fascinating insight into a lost way of life.

Virtually unknown to New Zealanders, this book records the story of these neglected pioneers who wrote and painted about their adventures. The paintings by Charles Enys – most now in the National Library of Australia – are matched side-by-side in the book by contemporary photographs of the same settings taken by international award-winning professional photographer, John O’Malley. Historic photographs complement the paintings, while other John O’Malley photographs feature the stunning scenery of Castle Hill.