Prospective students


Undergraduate background

If you are interested in postgraduate studies with the Nigerian Montane Forest Project (NMFP) you will require a good grounding in biology. Especially relevant will be BIOL 112 Ecology, Evolution and Conservation; BIOL 274 Principles of Ecology, BIOL 275 Field Ecology and BIOL 271 EvolutionBIOL 378 Population Ecology and Conservation and BIOL 371 Evolutionary Ecology, (or their international equivalent).

Examples of research projects 

  • Do flower-visitor networks really equate to plant-pollinator networks? Nsor Charles Ayuk (PhD student)
  • Genetic structure and gene flow in the Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzee in and around Gashaka Gumti National Park. Alex Knight (MSc student)
  • Biotic and Abiotic Factors Restricting Natural Regeneration in an Afromontane Forest. Sasha Roselli (MSc Student)
  • The plight of trees in a disturbed landscape: Conservation of Afromontane trees, Nigeria. Josh Thia (MSc student)
  • Dispersal of forest seed in degraded Nigerian montane forest ecosystems by the tantalus monkey, Chlorocebus tantalus, and the implications for forest restoration. Abigail Grassham (MSc)
  • Tool and anvil use by a highland population of Pan troglodytes ellioti in Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve, Nigeria. Dr Paul Dutton
  • The interplay of habitat and seed type on seed fate in a fragmented Afromontane forest landscape. Babale Aliyu (PhD student)
  • Conserving amphibian diversity-inventory and gene flow studies in fragmented montane forest, Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria. Denise Arroyo Lambaer (PhD student)
  • The effects of land use on stream communities in highland tropical streams in Nigeria. Danladi Mohammed (PhD student)
  • Geospatial mapping and carbon sequestration modelling of West African submontane forests. Ralph Adewoye (PhD student)

Career prospects

Postgraduate experience with the NMFP can lead to careers with NGO's such as World Wildlife Fund and Birdlife International, as researchers with National parks or the Department of Conservation, or continue with more post-doctoral research.