Supporting Documentation

Specific learning difficulties

Assessment of specific learning difficulties (SLD) for University purposes is to be carried out by a registered psychologist or a registered Level C assessor. 
Students are to provide an assessment of their SLD diagnosis and learning needs to Te Ratonga Whaikaha|Student Accessibility Service (TRW|SAS). If you do not have an assessment then you can contact an assessment provider of your choice and arrange for an assessment to be carried out. 


In some instances you may be able to see your GP for an ADHD or ASD diagnosis, however there are specialised assessors who deal with these conditions as well.


A list of local assessment providers is included in the PDF below. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and there may be other qualified professionals that you may prefer to see.

If you have any queries about assessment providers please contact Te Ratonga Whaikaha|Student Accessibility Service.