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Come to UC and get ready to see the world. We have exchange agreements with over 50 universities worldwide in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We also bring the world to UC. Our unique Erskine Fellowship programme brings 75 international academics each year to teach at UC. We don’t just promise a global perspective, we deliver a global experience.

Student Stories

student stories 2019 Alvin

“I went on summer exchange to Peking University in China, together with students from a heap of different study areas. It was fun getting to meet such a diverse range of people. Life in China is so different. It was really good to get out of my own personal bubble and see a new perspective.”


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student stories 2019 Ruby

“I went to Thailand and I absolutely loved learning about the culture over there. It inspired me to learn more about my own culture so I enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Māori and Indigenous Studies.”


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