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The city of Christchurch is a growing hotbed of opportunity. Developments and initiatives are popping up at a rapid pace and our graduates are perfectly poised to access these opportunities. Over the last few years our students have earned an international reputation for their community involvement. Get involved by joining the Student Volunteer Army or connect with a range of local organisations — Christchurch is a great place to be!

Student Stories

student stories 2019 Jack

“I was Service Coordinator for Emerging Leaders, getting students involved with things like the City Mission and Husky Rescue. There's lots of amazing stuff to do in the Christchurch community!”


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student stories 2019 Rebekah

“My study at UC has given me the opportunity to do heaps of community-based projects. I enjoy learning the grassroots stuff and figuring out how you can implement what you learn. I've had work experience at the Christchurch City Council and next up I've got an internship with central government at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.”


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