Senior Management Team
Te Ohu Whakahaere

The University of Canterbury | Te Wānanga o Waitaha (UC) is led by the Senior Management Team, which organises and coordinates activities to achieve the goals outlined in:

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Rod Carr


Tumu Whakarae

Dr Rod Carr leads the Senior Management Team and has responsibility for the overall leadership of the University, reporting to the University Council.

Ian Wright

Ian Wright

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Tumu Tuarua

Professor Ian Wright is responsible for strategic leadership and overall academic performance of the University and in particular, maintaining and advancing the University’s research profile, and the development of research collaborations.

Jeff Field block

Jeff Field

University Registrar


Mr Jeff Field has operational responsibility for governance, risk management and compliance, and is Secretary to the University Council.

Darryn Russell block

Darryn Russell

Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori

Amokapua Māori

Dr Darryn Russell assists the University in creating a learning environment which recognises and promotes Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique bicultural society.

Catherine Moran

Catherine Moran

Assistant Vice-Chancellor

Amokapua Akoranga

Professor Catherine Moran oversees learning and teaching quality, including academic development across the University. Strategic projects include UC’s Graduate Profile and the Children’s University.

Jonathan Le Cocq

Jonathan Le Cocq

Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Arts

Amorangi Toi Tangata

Professor Jonathan Le Cocq is responsible for strategic, academic and operational leadership of the College of Arts | Te Rāngai Toi Tangata.

Sonia Mazey

Sonia Mazey

Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Business and Law

Amorangi Umanga me te Ture

Professor Sonia Mazey is responsible for strategic, academic and operational leadership of the College of Business and Law | Te Rāngai Umanga me te Ture.

Gail Gillon

Gail Gillon

Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Education, Health & Human Development

Amorangi Ako me te Hauora

Professor Gail Gillon is responsible for strategic, academic and operational leadership of the College of Education, Health & Human Development | Te Rāngai Ako me te Hauora.

Jan Evans Freeman

Jan Evans-Freeman

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Engineering

Amorangi Pūkaha

Professor Jan Evans-Freeman is responsible for strategic, academic and operational  leadership of the College of Engineering | Te Rāngai Pūkaha.

Professor Wendy Lawson

Wendy Lawson

Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Science

Amorangi Pūtaiao

Professor Wendy Lawson is responsible for strategic, academic and operational leadership of the College of Science | Te Rāngai Pūtaiao.

Keith Longden

Keith Longden

Executive Director/CFO

Kaihautū Matua, Ahumoni

Mr Keith Longden has operational responsibility for the University’s financial matters.

Lynn McClelland

Lynn McClelland

Executive Director Student Services and Communications

Kaihautū Matua Ākonga me te Whakapā

Ms Lynn McClelland is responsible for strategy and implementation of domestic and international recruitment, overall student experience, communications and external engagement.

Paul O'Flaherty

Paul O'Flaherty

Executive Director - Human Resources

Kaihautū Matua Pūmanawa Tangata

Mr Paul O’Flaherty has responsibility for the human resources function and the University’s childcare and education centre.

Alex Hanlon

Alex Hanlon

Executive Director Learning Resources

Kaihautū Matua Rauemi Ako

Ms Alex Hanlon is responsible for the management and development of the University’s libraries, information technology services and the University’s estate, including Capital Works property and infrastructure.

The Terms of Reference for Senior Management meetings are outlined in the Senior Management Terms of Reference document.