Māori Academic Moderation Komiti terms of reference

The Māori Academic Moderation Komiti is an advisory body on request. Its purpose is to provide academic moderation and support to promotion and award processes for academic staff at the University of Canterbury.


  • To provide advice on academic applications for promotion from a Māori perspective and support quality decisions at the University of Canterbury.
  • To support Māori academic staff or academic staff whose teaching is in a kaupapa Māori framework.
  • To provide an independent perspective for college and/or university promotion committees with regards to Māori perspectives in applications for academic promotion and award processes.
  • The moderation by this Komiti will be directly linked to UC academic promotion policy/policies.


  • Amokapua Pākākano | Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori, Pacific and Equity.
  • Two senior Māori academic members (head of school/Associate Professor/Professor).
  • One independent senior Māori academic representative (external).


The Komiti will be ad hoc and convened on request of Māori academic staff applying for promotion and/or requests from college and/or University promotions committees.

1. This advice for providing an independent perspective can be referred to "name of Komiti", subject to the applicant's support.
2. Or nominee, if a conflict of interest.
3. The senior Māori academic internal will be drawn from internal staff that do not have a conflict with potential person/s applying for promotion.
4. The external representative will be drawn from an agreed list endorsed by Senior Managers Māori at the University of Canterbury.