Pūmanawa Tangata | People and Culture Strategic Statement

UC Strategy - TANGATA TŪ, TANGATA ORA - Engaged, Empowered, Making a difference Strategic Vision 2020 to 2030

We recognise and value people as our most precious resource in achieving each of the aspirations within the UC Strategy Tangata , Tangata Ora 2020 – 2030.  The mahi undertaken in the People and Culture Team will be the catalyst for positive changes in our culture.  Our focus is on leadership, talent management, performance, reward and recognition, personal development, ways of working and structures to enable the University to achieve its strategic goals.  Our intent is for our people to feel valued and our students receive an exceptional experience.

It is through UC people that an excellent student experience and world-changing research will be delivered. To succeed, therefore, we need the right people with the right skills and values in place at the right time. We will develop exceptional leaders who champion our culture, live our values, and facilitate high performance. Developing a highly talented, diverse, skilled and motivated workforce who are empowered and engaged through working in a developmental, collaborative, inclusive and supportive working environment.

Ōu Pūmanawa Tangata – Your People and Culture Team

The People and Culture Team will operate with a future focus, continually looking for ways to refine and redesign our practices and processes so they are adaptable and easy to navigate. Our goal is to make the people stuff straightforward for staff, our leaders and ourselves.

Our team role model respectful engagement, lead constructive culture and empower UC whānau to be the best they can be every day.  We’ll do this by using Ngā Uara | Our Values to guide our processes and practices, our good judgement, expertise and strategic organisational relationships to be the catalysts for positive change.  

What we do and how we will operate

With our shared vision at the heart of what we do we will make sure our practices are values based, people centric and future focused, driving excellence and partnership in everything we do.

Our Strategic Projects – High level View