HR Advisors by area


CollegeSenior HR AdvisorHR Advisor

College of Arts

Nicole Coles  Mary-Anne Miller

College of Business and Law

Andrew Burfield Susannah Wieck

College of Education, Health and Human Development

Polly Miller Gemma Keren

College of Engineering

Brodwyne Richards Kelly Ledington

College of Science

Suzanne Dean Katrina Clark


Service Units

Service UnitSenior HR AdvisorHR Advisor

AVC Maori

Katie Perry Fiona Bain

AVC - Academic

Katie Perry Fiona Bain

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Katie Perry
Fiona Bain

Early Years Care and Education

Katie Perry
Katrina Clark

Financial Services

Katie Perry
Susannah Wieck

Health Centre

Katie Perry Katrina Clark

Human Resources

Katie Perry Katrina Clark

Learning Resources

ITS & Campus Services

Michel Fivet Angie Callis

Learning Resources

All Other Departments

Michel Fivet  Fiona Bain

Student Services and Communications

Katie Perry  Rachel Dillon

Vice-Chancellor's Office

Katie Perry  Fiona Bain


Katie Perry  Angie Callis